Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Update March 2020

Consider how frequently we live our lives not being present. We dwell on the past. We worry about the future. All we really have is the present moment, yet we stray from it so easily. We hurry through life always feeling that we should be somewhere else, doing something else. We miss the beauty of the day, the taste of our food, and time with those we love.

Mindfulness has been an important addition to my life and my work with clients. Learning to control our breathing helps us  capture the present moment and offers a wonderful way to "pause".  We can learn to make the moment happy--rather than searching frantically for some moment to make us happy.

I have incorporated many of these exercises and principles into my work with clinical and corporate clients, and with athletes wanting to improve performance.


Harry Klebanoff, Ph.D. is a partner in a large private mental health practice in North Easton, Massachusetts. Licensed as a psychologist since 1976, he became a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology in 1983. In addition to a clinical practice he consults to business leaders, corporate clients, and athletes. He speaks to business and community audiences, and has been a keynote speaker at a variety of conferences. When not in the office he can usually be found in the gym—weightlifting or playing racquetball, or kayaking on the ocean, or training for triathlons. "Pause" shares the principles and exercises that guide his talks, workshops, and consultations. Individuals and organizations can learn to turn crisis into opportunity.

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